When we hear the word Bespoke, we normally associate that with an expensive service, but at Heera Group we do not charge for our Bespoke services, giving you a chance to see your dream come into a reality. The journey of creating a Bespoke piece should be a lot of fun and a very enjoyable process that ends in sheer delight when we hand over your dream piece of jewellery for you to cherish for a lifetime.

 Remember there is no limit to what is achievable with Bespoke jewellery, The world is your oyster and now is the time for you to have what you really want!

  At Heera we have created a tried and tested system that avoids the risk of getting the piece wrong and enables you to have a glance at every stage of the process and changing it whenever needful, so there is no risk of you rejecting it.

How it works?

We specialise in bespoke jewellery and are available by whichever means that is convinient for you, whether it is online through our website or any of our social media platforms or walking to any of our stores in Hatton Garden, our customer service is always on hand for a chat to discuss your design related queries. Bespoke design gives us a privilege of capturing your unique personal stories into a piece of jewellery.
Whether you are looking for a perfect engagement ring or a special gift for a loved one there are so many wonderful reasons to convert your story into a bespoke  design. The collaborative effort of our design specialists and workshop experts bring the design into life beautifully.

Step 1: Consultation

Located in the heart of Hatton Garden, we have 4 stores to welcome you with an idea to be converted into reality. If you have some inspiration in mind, maybe an image, a sketch, that would be an advantage for us to make an inspiration board for you. From this we can move forward to a drawing stage, where you can beautifully see a hand sketch on a piece of paper. We make sure the hand sketch is 100% perfect to be ready to move to the next stage. This is the first stage that helps you to get your imagination live and we understand that sometimes even this need rectification.

Step 2: Design Process

Once we have a sketch in hand, finalised by you, we move to our next stage which is the CAD process. The hand sketch is made into the computer in a 3-dimensional format which makes it easy to visualise the concept. Our in house CAD renderers make it easier for you by converting the CAD design into a render which is a visualisation of the finished product.

Step 3: Design Approval

We at Heera, believe approvals are a very important part in each stage and that's why we seek your approval before moving forward. After the CAD design is made, we aim to discuss it with you either in person or on a digital chat, where you can provide your input for any changes in the design if required.

Step 4: Production of Wax

Once we have recieved a go with the CAD design, we move to the next stage of production, which is the production of wax. The design is physically made by wax which allows us to view the design in real. This is a very important stage as after this we move to the final production of the jewellery piece. This stage makes it easier for you to relate if this is something that you imagined. We can further go back to the CAD stage to edit the design, if needed.

Step 5: The Making

The most exciting stage of the process is the making, bringing your jewellery to life. Nurtured at each stage, now your jewellery is ready to get some final touches. Our team of expert craftsman, carefully add their expertise with accuracy and detailing to the process.

You can Email Us at sales@heeradiamonds.com or WhatsApp +447535125095